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Can 5 pages of Targeted Copywriting go that far?

Exponential Growth

If your website not out on the first page of Google, it is not working for you!  

Though a leader in Building supplies in the Jacksonville area, Visionaire was looking to get into the Screened Porch Installation Game. This was one of their goals for the new website. We added numerous pages about...

  • sun rooms
  • room additions
  • screen patios
  • screen porches
  • Florida rooms
  • you name it!

Visionaire 's services were a good keyword challenge. Working with many different keywords that describe basically the same thing. It was a very diverse sample! We use leading edge tools to find the right keywords for your business. 

As you can see to the right,

As you can see "sunrooms in Jacksonville" was up 3 pages in just the first month.


"We need to take some pages down"

Not what you want to hear before your Morning Coffee.

As we were tasked with making pages for all of the products used and carried by Visionaire, we were sure to detail Title Tags, Descriptions, Meta Data, and everything you need to acquire good rankings.  Our efforts were rewarded. 

As you can see to the right, we were dominating the space for Spectis Mouding.

First off, Spectis Molding was spending money to be the Adwords Ad on top of their own brand name.  VisionaireofJax.com held the top three google results. Google couldn't figure out which was best for "Spectis Specialty Building Products" so they listed three. You never know what burried 301 redirect, or broken link, may be slowing down your site. Even worse, prohibiting the Googlebot from spidering your site.

They threatened to sue.

The story goes, they very angry man at Spectis threatened to sue Visionaire as we were using their Photographs. "Of course we are using your photographs! We are trying to sell your product!"  

All's well that ends well.

We dialed back our SEO to make sure we weren't outshining Spectis, and we all had a laugh about it on a conference call around lunch time. Spectis apologized, we apologized, we all are selling more Spectis Molding, so it was all good. We didn't work to outshine Spectis, but sometimes Google just likes what Google likes.


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