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The Power of a Good Google Local Strategy


Showing up in Maps is a great way to make sure customers show up at your door.

Local SEO is a little Different than National SEO.

At some point, mainly the point you got your first smartphone, the Yellow Pages became completely obsolete. The legacy of the yellow pages is the NAP Listing. What does NAP stand for? 

Name. Address. Phone.

You can add URL, Pictures, a little bit about your business to those NAP listings too. NAP listings get syndicated out from one site to another as content. Meanwhile your links multiply without any further effort.

Google Local is starving for these pages,

They add an extra data point, backing up the legitimacy of YOUR Google Local listings.

The more listings you can get with a 100% accurate Name, Address, Phone, URL all pointing back, it's good for everyone. Except your competition.

Premier Jewelers has been around for years and has 100's of Yellow Pages related profiles. We have added to those NAP listings. We've campaigned to make sure as many of the "Old Location" profiles were updated or deleted.  


Turning Traffic in to Phone Calls into Customers.


Seasonality. Know when your customers are coming.


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