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Does a 676% increase in Organic Traffic sound like a good year?!

That is exactly what we did for American Certified Home Inspections.

We delivered a suite of 4 points and Wind Mitigation content to help drive traffic and deliver resulting phone calls on a daily basis. 

We used Google Cloud hosting to speed the delivery of the site up. We made the site mobile friendly as the majority of your online shoppers are finding you from their handheld devices. Home inspections, 4 point inspections and Wind Mitigation inpsections are ACHI's primary functions.  


Moved up 18 spots to #7 for "Home Inspection Jacksonville"

In the example to the right we are using "Ahrefs.com" Keyword tracker. The data and information on these sites is invaluable. You will see

Monthly rates for some of these SEO data services run almost $200.

They are worth their weight in absolute Keyword and Conversion Gold. Let JacksonvilleAim handle the data and the reports. You handle you business and your customers. 

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You Can't Coach Speed. Unless you are JacksonvilleAIM.

We use tools like Pingdom, GTmetrix, and Google's Pagespeed Insights to make sure we have everything we need working in concert. Getting the numerous Caching Plugins,making sure there is the minify or gZip didn't break the functionality.

Google likes fast websites as it makes Google's job easier, and more profitable. The more you help Google, the more they will help you!

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