Social Media Marketing

Social Media in Jacksonville

Whether it is user-generated news, bookmarking, blogging, tweeting, forum-posting or optimizing video, it’s all social media marketing.

We know that your Jacksonville company, content, services, and products are unique and require a customized strategic Social Media plan for success. We offer your company a carefully crafted Social Media solution designed to increase your visibility, your reach, and your search engine rankings.

That time MattCutts replied to one of my tweets.

JacksonvilleAIM’s Social Media Syndicate can help your company accomplish your marketing goals through social media marketing in Jacksonville Florida. Social Media comes in all shapes and sizes. Buzz, branding, traffic, links … each organization has its own unique goals. JacksonvilleAIM’s Social Media Syndicate creates custom solutions that quickly achieve business objectives and help you increase your bottom line right there in Jacksonville, Florida.

JacksonvilleAIM’s Social Media Syndicate creates custom plans using an effective mix of marketing services to fulfill all of your company needs and deliver those specific business objectives you desire.

Some of the Social Media Services we provide are:

YouTube Videos

One of the easiest ways to push one of you competitors out of the top 10 of google is to add a youtube video that is well tagged and liked by a few people. The video doesn;t even have to be that good, just the fact that you are on top 3 listings means there is a extra 66% chance in that youtube link get clicked. Make sure your phone number and web address are easily discernible, and if that user is inclined, they will follow to your site much easier than it will ever be to get someone to click into the second or third page of Google.

Facebook Customization

Facebook Accounts Jacksonville

You may not like it, but Facebook and Facebook mobile will hold alot of staying power simply on the basis that everyone has an accouint there. Even if you don;t use it, you would be hard pressed to find a person with a smartphone who doesn’t have a Facebook mobile account. Even kids at christmas set their grandma’s up with one on their new phone! The fact is for the next three to five years, facebook will be the prememinent social network, so it is wise to invest with a presence their.

Let JacksonvilleAIM customize a page and promote it as Facebook’s EdgeRank keeps your posts from making their ways to you target audiences eyes. Get a leg up on EdgeRank, JacksonvilleAIM can help. Read more about Facebook Customization.

Account Creation

These days people are as fickle with their social networks as they hae ever been. The complicated thing is that Social Media has barely even existed for 10 years. Gone are the days where Facebook or Myspace is where everyone is at. Foursquare, Instagram, Pinterest, are a few that have come on strong, and as the social media market splinters, you have to be ready to round up the loose ends. JacksonvilleAIM can set all of these up so you have access to all your social networks with just one post.