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Jacksonville's Andriod Market is on the Rise

With the huge amount of content available in the Android Market, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that Google’s alternative to the AppStore isn’t even close to its third birthday yet. When it was launched in late 2008, there were many skeptics who didn’t believe that Android could ever pose a real threat to Apple’s smartphone…

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Social Media Etiquette for Jacksonville and beyond

Jacksonville Advertising Agency All Inclusive Marketing receives a lot of questions about various points of etiquette with regards to social media. I also observe instances where I wish people knew some of the more common etiquette, because they seem like wonderful people, who maybe have made a mistake because they didn’t know better. To that end, I…

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Check in at any Jacksonville Starbucks with Foursquare, and you might win a $40 gift card.

Using social media in Jacksonville, more specifically FourSquare, to brag about your love of gigantic coffee chains has its benefits. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Jacksonville Starbucks are not only changing its looks, but its paying customers in coffee who check in at its local Jacksonville outpost using Foursquare. Starting Thursday, the Seattle-based coffee chain…

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