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OpenStruct is an easy to use application that enhances clinical instruction. OpenStruct simplifies the evaluation process for healthcare professionals who evaluate students on a regular basis. OpenStruct creates and records clinical evaluations within a few quick taps on your mobile device. It is uploaded to the OpenStruct cloud database and made available to the students, advisors and administrators in real-time.

The OpenStruct mobile app is a free service for OpenStruct subscribers and their users.

Graphic Design and Branding for
Botanical Boutiques

Botanicl Boutiques is a new shop opening up in Jacksonville Beach. They specialize in CBD among other items. The store's concept is centered around women, and making an inviting environment for them learn about this new medicene. There are many stigmas around CBD and it's benefits. Botanical Boutiques is in the education business changing minds and perceptions.


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All Inclusive Media of Jacksonville Florida is a Web Development and Graphic Design outfit located in Jacksonville, Florida. We have over decades of experience designing for the print and graphic arts industry. Utilizing Jacksonville's hand picked Graphic Designers, our designs give you instant credibility. Your points will be made through a concise use of design to determine hierarchy, and guide your future customers through the sales process.

All Inclusive Media is a good old fashion branding company equipped for today's ever evolving media.

We provide:

  • Graphic Design for business cards
  • Graphic Design for post cards
  • Graphic Design for flyer's
  • Graphic Design for websites
  • Graphic Design for posters
  • Graphic Design for banners
  • Graphic Design for vinyl

In other words, we have the perfect Graphic Designer to fit the project you are looking to produce. Let's face it, a 23 year Design Prodigy is a bad choice when your project when you are trying to reach a more sophisticated demographic. We match our graphic designers style and personality to the needs of you and your product.