ISTA SportsTech.Directory Mission Statement

ISTA SportsTech.Directory Mission Statement

To promote technology adoption within recreational outdoors, amateur athletics, and elite professional sport.

  • Sport – an activity requiring physical and cognitive skill in which an individual or team competes against another usually with spectators.
  • Technology – applying science or engineering skills to solve problems usually resulting in the creation of a tool, machine, equipment, or method.

Kit Radar

KIT RADAR Innovative Sport Innovations

Kit Radar is a fascinating reseller of all things innovation in sport. We help new innovative brands break into the UK market by giving them access to our large early adopter fanbase.


Canadian Sport Institute Calgary

Canadian Sport Institute Calgary – Research & Innovation

The Canadian Sport Institute Calgary offers a unique combination of

for the health and sporting goods industries.


Vonlanthen Group of Companies

Vonlanthen Group of Conferencess of Business Leaders

Vonlanthen Group of Companies is made for innovative and senior business leaders focused on confronting challenges and seizing opportunities.




Pixellot’s automated sports productions

Pixellot’s automated sports production solutions revolutionize traditional video capture, production and distribution processes, enabling professional and amateur sports organizations to affordably cover and monetize their events.



FanFood Inc.

FanFood hospitality experiences

FanFood is putting the fan in control of their hospitality experience, on demand, at their command. Our mobile ordering platform delivers concessions to fans’ seats or picked-up via express line so they never miss the big play.



AMP: Engage Athletes, Improve Performance

AMP: Engage Athletes, Improve Performances

Our mission is to provide industry leading solutions for sports organizations to effectively manage their sports data and communications. AMP’s intuitive dashboard unites all stakeholders in a social environment and makes all team data accessible and action




FanWide Watch Parties & Fan Community

FanWide is a free website and app that connects sports fans from every team in any city. FanWide promotes in-person game watch parties and develops local fan communities for every pro, college, and international team at sports bars nationwide.




ForceDecks Major League Elite Training Aids

ForceDecks are a leading provider of force platform technology in elite sports. ForceDecks are used with teams in the NFL, EPL, AFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, and many more.







Elite Sports University

Elite Sports University



Swift Performance

Swift Performance



Bridge Athletic

Bridge Athletic Training Tools for tomorrow

BridgeAthletic builds high-performance training tools for coaches, trainers, physical therapists, and athletes who strive to achieve their potential. Our integrated platform changes the way performance programs are created, delivered and tracked.



Competitive Sports Analysis

Competitive Sports Analysis College Athlete Recruiting Process through Analytics

Competitive Sports Analysis makes the college athlete recruiting process more efficient and effective through data analytics. We help teams win by putting into place tools that help our customers identify and match recruits to athletic programs.



Eventus International

Eventus International showcases products

Our event platforms are the perfect opportunity to showcase products and solutions to a captive audience of decision makers who attend our events to explore solutions




DARTFISH Premier Video Analysis

We help to make the invisible visible with solutions and tools at the forefront of innovation. For 20 years, we have been recognized as the best and most reliable performance analysis software in sport, education, and healthcare.



Elite Sports University

Elite Sports University credits for college

Elite Sports University is an online university offering courses, including credits for college and continuing education, on the latest physical and tactical training content from top practitioners in the sports industry.



Griffith University

Griffith University sports engineering research

Griffith University is a forerunner in sports engineering research. We are open to students wishing to complete degrees in sports engineering, servicing athletes as well as consultancy. We are also proudly hosting the next ISEA conference.



Vumero Sports

Vumero Sports Data and Technology

Vumero Sports is the world’s business education and global expansion partner for the



Sports Technology Awards Group

Sports Technology Awards Group

STA Group celebrates tech-led innovation in all areas of the sports sector. All initiatives strive to showcase genuine excellence undertaken in the industry, regardless of the size of the brand, sector or country of origin.

Eventus International
Eventus International global events

Eventus International is an independent global events and exhibitions company.




Experts in the measurement and analysis of human movement. We help our clients achieve their performance and health related goals by offering application specific solutions.

MOTION METRIQ specialize in:





SPTX (Sportronix®) supports high-performance teams, businesses, and athletes since 2009. Sportronix® is your mission control, your technical support, your basement geeks. If it’s technical, it’s for us.




Veloxiti Artificial Intellegence

Based on a unique architecture, our software technology can: monitor data from external sources, compare and weigh evidence about data, decide upon and recommend human action to affect a future state, and if given authority




Exponent Engineering, Science & More

Exponent is a multi-disciplinary engineering and scientific consulting firm that brings together more than 90 different disciplines to solve engineering, science, regulatory, and business issues facing our clients.



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