Search Engine Optimization despite the Panda and Penguin

Was looking for some new information on Penguin and Panda and came up with a few good articles.

Nothing to worry about when you have JacksonvilleAIM Search Engine Optimizers on your side.


Here is an excerpt. Read more about the Pando and Penguin update as it pertains to Search Engine Optimization at the link above.

Panda – The 2-Minute Nutshell Version

Panda starts off with human quality raters who look at hundreds of websites. Computers, using machine learning, are then brought in to mimic the human raters. When the algorithm becomes accurate enough at predicting what the humans scored, it’s then unleashed across millions of sites across the Internet.

The point is: Panda starts off from a human point of view, not a machine’s. We can look at these sites with human eyes and see the obvious.

Remember, Panda is a site-wide penalty, not a page penalty. So if a certain percentage of your pages fall below Panda’s quality algorithm, then the whole site suffers. Fix enough of these pages and you may recover.