Check in at any Jacksonville Starbucks with Foursquare, and you might win a $40 gift card.

Using social media in Jacksonville, more specifically FourSquare, to brag about your love of gigantic coffee chains has its benefits.

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Jacksonville Starbucks are not only changing its looks, but its paying customers in coffee who check in at its local Jacksonville outpost using Foursquare.

Starting Thursday, the Seattle-based coffee chain will randomly award $40 gift cards to customers who let the world know they are sipping coffee at Starbucks.

The store will give away 500 $40 gift cards to latte-lovers who unlock a “Tribute Badge.”

Those who do not want to buy a cup of coffee can also enter the contest by emailing [email protected] and putting “Starbucks Foursquare Entry Submission” in the subject line.
Winners will be drawn March 16.