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Search Engine Optimization
is an art and science

Jacksonville AIM's Search Engine Optimization engineers, Jacksonville AIM's salespeople, as well as our Designers and Coders know how confusing it is to have some SEO whippersnapper start rattling off Acronyms like SEO, SEM, ROI, SERP. Our Search Engine Optimization and Local Search engineers know all of that so you don't have to. We have over 20 years experience in Web Design in Jacksonville, as well as web development..

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Superior Speed Through Superior Technology.

 We use cloud hosting technologies that offer affordability and flexibility. Dedicated IP's and SSL ensure you are who you you say you are. Google likes that. 

It used to be that your website was stuck on a dusty old computer running along 100's of other websites on the same machine. Hosting has come a long way.

With solid state hard drive technology, like the kind in your phone, website can be served up many times faster, with less electricity, and less moving parts. Due to the dedicated IP and and dedicated server environment, your business's website site is set to run it's best.

JacksonvilleAIM keeps you riding the latest wave of technologies. Redis Cache paired with Cloudways is our latest infatuation. Simple. Easy. Most importantly, Fast.

WordPress built on NGINX

Using the latest Ubuntu install we build a fast secure stack just for your WordPress install to run it's best. We like redis cache too. 

WordPress built on NGINX

WordPress is the web's leading CMS. Contentment Management Software for those of you not acronym inclined. It's ease of use and flexibility are what separate it from other web solutions. It started as a blog platform, and now has morphed into a leading eCommerce platform, a social media platform, customer management solution, you name it. WordPress can probably do it. 

Drag and Drop makes changes a breeze.

These days it seems no WordPress is complete with the ability to use drag and drop editing. Highlighted by the release of Guettenberg in wordpress 5.0, Drag and Drop is here to stay. 

Bakery or Beaver Builder?!

Whether you prefer Visual Bakery, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Oxygen, Cornerstone, or any number of Drag and Drop builders, we'll get the one you like installed and running smoothly. 

You don't have a favorite? We like Beaver Builder as it runs smoothly and is lightweight. Meaning it doesn't lock up you browser after you just finished your latest blog post. WordPress can be complex enough, these new editors make it much easier to make changes and keep your message on point. 

For starters we are going to


The 1st step is we analyze your current website. We'll do this in a few ways. First we take a look at the user experience. Is your contact information easy to find? What's the Message?


We use your competition's data to figure out how they are winning. Then we apply that knowledge to your web presenece. Search Engines can't help but rank you higher.


You can paint the Mona Lisa but if no one can find it's just another canvas stacked in the corner. We find your best performing keywords and put them to work.


Content is King. Google is asking for more and more content. Before you get the right content, you need the right words.


While you develop your content with long tail ambitions in mind. Google wants you to be THE authority on your niche.

Link Structure

How are you pages linked? Where are your pages linked? What is the anchor text for those links? What is anchor Text? Don't worry, we got you.

Inbound Links

Links coming in from other sites isn't just a very powerful ranking factor. It is THE ranking factor. Careful treading out there. Google's Penguin is on the Prowl.

White Hat Practices

In life and SEO, sometimes you have to fight fire, with fire. We build healthy complete web presences that Customer's like and Google will love. No need


We like to win. You can't win everytime, but we play our best and we play to win.

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