CTC Jacksonville

CTC records, or cut the check was a music collective for rappers, producers, Promoters, merchandisers, and anyone who just wanted to get their hustle on in Duvall county’s rap game.

CTC records knew they wanted a website, but other than a few releases in mix tapes they didn’t have bio’s or photography or much of anything you are regularBrick and mortar old school record label would have.

What they did have were tons of YouTube videos done professionally, as well as amateurs. They would also have their film crew go out in film freestyle rap battles drawing artists promoters fansAnd just the whole rap scene in general out to one place.

Cut the check had no problem creating content, which is more then most businesses can say.

We found a theme with A Jquery YouTube slider to accommodate all of their videos, and artist videos.They were planning on creating auto play video and that would serve as the front page has they had new artists, or new songs, or new videos coming out.

The YouTube slider would have been the perfect vehicle for them to really own their own TV station as their YouTube channel would serve to feed the slider you see on the front page of CTC jacksonville.com.

My favorite rapper on CTC was Keelo G AKA shorty macduff from riverside of Jacksonville. In trying to show them what we could accomplish with seo I said a test up for myself. We ran an seo campaign to try and push Keelo G to come up as “the best rapper in Jacksonville” as well as the best rapper in Duval”

We got up to the number 2 spot without a whole lot of trouble and I believe the work still stands as he is in the top 10. Kilo G is long moved on from CTC so I suggest you just look on YouTube for his work.

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